6 steps to a major CAREER CHANGE: by Kirsty Bonner Job Search Consultant | Psychologist |

6 steps to a major CAREER CHANGE:

1. The decision: do you really want to
change field, or just the company you
are currently working for?

2. The mindset: are you ready to put in
the time, the energy and the effort to
make the change?

3. The resume and LinkedIn Profile: will
need a complete redirection. The key
to career change is identification and
showcasing of transferable skills.

4. The job search strategy: is best done
by personal networking and application
via email with robust cover letter/email.

5. The interview prep: strong focus on
competency-based questions to
demonstrate transferable skills.

6. The job offer: you may have to take a
small pay cut to establish yourself in
a new field.

Career change is a very involved process.
I know; I have done it three times in 49 years.

Be very careful who you hire to do the resume makeover.
Seek coaching if you feel you need support during the process.

Many people successfully make career changes in their lives.

I did it.

There is no reason why YOU can’t do it too, if the time has come!

Anything to add, or share about your own career change, please?

Kirsty Bonner


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